Vacuum cleaners nowadays are become the part and parcel of life. It is an essential home equipment, you cannot imagine your quick cleaning without it. If you are here for finding the best vacuum cleaner under $100 – $ 200 Canadian dollars, then this article is perfectly suited for you. There is no need to go anywhere else, keep reading this article this will end up with the right purchase.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Canada under $100- $200

Before any final go we recommend you to compare the features.

Eureka Bagless Canister Cleaner Under 200 Canada

best canister vacuum canada Under $200

Special Key Features

  • An excellent working whirlwind bagless canister cleaner, suitable for carpets and hard floors under the cost of 200  cad dollars.
  • An innovative design with a multi-surface vacuum allow you to deep clean with maximum utilisation of its features.
  • Quite easy to handle and you can move around to the corners of the room as it is lightweight.
  • So well fabricated 3 liters dust container, with no maintenance cost, no bags, or filter required.
  • Easily disconnected handle from the hose. There is a facility to switch between a crevice tool and a dusting brush.

Cordless Handheld Vacuums Cleaner

best handheld vacuum canada

Special Key Features

  • Another excellent working vacuum cleaner with 18 KPa of Power. Excellent suction power suitable for home car cleaning with dual charging powerhouse cleaners.
  • It is so well designed to easily wipe off the dust, hairs, crumbs, you can even use it on hard floors carpet swell curtain furniture, and even on ceilings.
  • Being lightweight and versatile, you can use this stick cordless vacuum throughout the whole home. Easy to clean, satisfy your all essential clean needs.
  • If we talk about age, durability. It is long-lasting larger with an improved battery of up to 35 minutes. If you use it on maximum power it can provide 3 minutes of higher suction for difficult tasks.

NEQUARE Vacuum Cleaner Under 100 Dollars Canada

best stick cord  vacuum canada Under $100

Special Key Features

  • This vacuum cleaner with a cord and power of 1600 watt with 16 kilo Pascal suction is under the cost of 100 Canadian dollars.
  • High-speed working works very well to allow you to clean floors, debris, dust, dog food, cat litter, snacks, etc fastly.
  • Stretchable wire with a variety of accessories with it. Quite better works and fit to the corners.
  • It is not wrong to say a vacuum cleaner with space-saving, money-saving, and multipurpose work.
  • Washable, easy to clean, reusable. One thing to be noted here that you have to have replaced the HEPA once every three or four months.

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