Best Keyless Door Lock Canada. Door locks are the part and parcel of life. To keep a home safe, secure, a good well functional door Lock is a must. It is essential to buy a good feature lock that readily prevents you from any thief act. There are few best security options you can use. We recommend comparing the below three features with each other before the final buy.

Best Keyless Door Lock Canada

Take a look at the some best never been easy to refuse. The following are electronic as well mechanical to operate with easy to install, access keyless door locks.

Weiser Keyless Home Security Electronic Deadbolt Keypad Door Lock

best keyless door lock canada

Special Key Features

  • An electronic keypad deadbolt works on the technology of keyless electronic lock.
  • You can easily allocate different codes  to families, guests. It is able to retain upto 4 user codes.
  • Very well designed, adjusts and fits on most of the standard doors, and operated with 4 ampers of batteries.
  • A feature to alert low battery when there is need to replace with the new one.
  • Easy to operate, handle, looks great and you can put them on your front and garage door or different places.
  • You can lock and unlock the deadbolt by using the keypad or turn button from inside.

Hornbill Smart Keyless Digital Door Lock with Remote Control Canada

best keyless door lock for rental property Canada

Special Key Features

  • Digital keypad work ok with Excellency through an app. A suitable product perfectly works for home, rental, and office.
  • Easy to install, follow instructions. Fits standard residential wooden doors.
  • Well facilitated with Wi-Fi gateway bridge to have full control on locking and unlocking, remote monitoring.
  • Touch screen keypad with waterproof features, corrosion resistance, Long battery life.
  • An electronic convenient feature that works with 4 pieces of battery and works approximately for 6 months nearly 5,000 openings.
  • You can easily access, control through a smartphone, mechanical keys. Keep everything on track with the help of your cell phone no worries.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year, lifetime technical support, and 30 days of free return money back.

Megaflint Keyless Mechanical door lock Deadbolt with Handle For Cold Weather

best keyless door lock for cold weather Canada

Special Key Features

  • This keyless door entry lock deadbolt is made of stainless steel with 100% mechanical effort no electronic feature.
  • You can easily install it within an hour, it doesn’t lock automatically (this can be a pro or a con based upon your requirement).
  • Fits well with suitable standard doors works on both of the sides left and right, inward, outward opening doors.
  • There is no chance of low battery, made up of good quality material, upgraded with anti corrosion surface.
  • Combination of digits can result into 8,000 options.